they call about every hour and a half every day not sure who they want or what they are calling about


Posted by Cornelius on in 916


March 28

I got more than 4 phone calls from this number, the last call was this morning - @ 6:25am. I was really really mad !!I called him back right after, the thief answered and he asked my name, but DID NOT tell him my name. He told me he is looking for my husband - somehow he knows my husband name. So, I told him that YOU SHOULD KNOW HOW YOU CAN REACH MY HUSBAND. HE IS A FEDERAL OFFICER. IF YOU ARE A FEDERAL OFFICER, YOU COULD LOCATE HIM. WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME ???Then, the thief hung up the phone.


Posted by Antonia on in 916


April 8

Same here. Just hung up after I answered.


Posted by Jarvis on in 916


January 1

It's a recording, that's why they don't take no for an answer


Posted by Morton on in 916


May 13

Spam they call and leave nothing


Posted by Rolland on in 916


July 19

I took your suggestion and asked for their phone # and address and name, he gave me some name I cant even pronounce and no phone # or address. He told me that my computer is sending error messages to their company and he could fix it by letting him into my computer online. Fat chance of that ever happening I told him, plus I warned him that this call will be reported to my server and he had better lose my number. I said that any more calls would be considered harassement and I will press charges.


Posted by Larry on in 916


May 24

they be calling after 8pm central time, bedtime. hate em


Posted by Efrain on in 916


October 16

I got a call from this company I asked the name of the company and the man said central affidavid dept. And that he needed to confirm my social security number and my email address I told him that I was not confirming anything and he went on to say his company had a lawsuit against me and I told him I already reported his company to the bbb and he said u reported me over and over again and then he hang up on me the company had called me twice today and the man was very hard to understand. He didn't speek english very well I hope this helps someelse out don't give them ur info its a scam


Posted by Dalton on in 916


July 6

Sounds like someone who works at K-Mart is taking the info on layaway items home with them, then using Skype to make prank calls.


Posted by Kristofer on in 916


April 22

The best thing to do is NOT ever answer the phone when its a # you dont know. All they need is for you to pick up the phone, Then they have open access to your account. You could have thousands of $ charged to your account.


Posted by Kermit on in 916


September 1

verizon is my carrier and i just started getting these calls...annoying to say the least.


Posted by Stanford on in 916


June 11

Want you to change your utility company - called my cell phone! Asked to be taken off call list & they still call back!!! Extremely annoying!!!


Posted by Reginald on in 916


June 6

automated call, telemarketer advertising some website. Looks like some reseller trying to grab emails. Here's the info:


Posted by Ellsworth on in 916


October 2,

Got the same story as a lot of people. Really set me off thinking I was about to be sued. Almost gave in but did a bit of research and postponed everything but "working with them to resolve the issue". I got home from work (where they were also calling me) and contacted my local police department where I filed a harassment complaint. Also followed up with the Federal Trade Commission (which deals with consumer fraud and identity theft) at 877-438-4338 and will follow up tomorrow with the California Attorney General at 800-952-5225. These people pissed me off and I really want to see them caught!


Posted by Eldon on in 916


April 3

I blocked it and its section through


Posted by Buster on in 916


July 25

I have received calls all this week from this company. I have repeatedly asked them to take me off their call list and they hang up. After 31days, if they call, which I document every single time, I will report harassing phone calls to the proper authority under filing a complaint, but I need the address and business information. I have searched and searched and still nothing. If anyone knows who it is, please let me know!


Posted by Maria on in 916


March 3

I have Verizon and when I redialed the number, I got a message about the Verizon customer being unavailable.


Posted by Wilford on in 916


April 18,

Got a call from someone with a thick accent. I could not him well. It sounded like he said he was calling from Verizon. I told him I was at work on a cell phone and could not hear him well. He said okay not a problem then hung up on me.


Posted by Ivory on in 916


February 24

They called and said nothing.


Posted by Anton on in 916



The company with this number keeps calling me and never leave any message.


Posted by Will on in 916


February 28

if they would spend this much time looking for a real job they would be rich


Posted by Quintin on in 916


January 27

this number wanted to talk... I received a few texts and when I didn't comply, they said their phone was going to die.


Posted by Blaine on in 916


August 6

Got several calls from dell from indian people, they say they have error reports. They get remote access to your computer and try to sell you maintenance software. They take you to dellconnect and it doesnt accept the code so they connect through third party remote and probably planted something on my pc. They have called me and my dad several times with the same pitch and today I got my first call from 0


Posted by Fabian on in 916



This phone number was used by software, not by it's original subscriber to call an escort at 3:01am on 06/23/2011


Posted by Stacey on in 916



Our government wont help. They are to busy spying on us.


Posted by Gustavo on in 916


November 27

We're sorry you can not complete this call as dialed. Please hang up and try again.


Posted by Adan on in 916


September 1

If people actually reply to that sort of e-mail, they really must be very thick.


Posted by Blake on in 916


December 5,

Did not recognize number...blocked it on my Android.


Posted by Tommy on in 916


November 26

He scammed me. I gave him money. The very same stories. I am contacting the FBI. He is all over the Internet. The photos were of a very attractive man with blondish hair. In one he had a glass of wine in his hand. In another on a boat. I feel stupid that I fell for it. He is very good at the con.


Posted by Denis on in 916


May 4

Due to the Government shutdown, we are unable to offer this website service at this time. We will resume normal operations when the government is funded.


Posted by Aubrey on in 916


March 14

Got a call just now. I have Verizon.


Posted by Kevin on in 916


August 2

Found this number on my landline caller ID that came with my Frontier Internet package. No message


Posted by Ike on in 916


October 16

Called (866) 950-3837 (Customer Service Line) on a Saturday around 12:19 PM EST and the recording said that their offices were closed. So I decided to call back the number on my caller ID (866) 950-6676 and someone answered immediately. They informed me they would record my call and I informed them I would also be recording it. At that point I explained I would be making my past due and current payment next Friday. The representative was courtious and understanding. No Problems (so far - I wonder if the call will continue until I pay on Friday???)!


Posted by Adolfo on in 916


August 26

Prove it buddy! I think youre just blowing smoke!


Posted by Ty on in 916


October 16

OMG! This IS a scam. I bought the WORX Lawn trimmer A YEAR AGO! They only deducted one payment and NOW they come after me for the rest. [***]! I will NEVER buy anything off of T.V. again!


Posted by Clifford on in 916


February 8

Spam from this number saying I won $1,500!!. It came in at 2:06AM. This is the last of 3 spam texts. The first one came in at 10:52. I am going to my cell provider AND the FCC. I have had enough. Maybe if enough of us complain they can get it stopped or our provider will allow us to block spam!!!


Posted by Terry on in 916


April 5

Agree completely. The DNC list does nothing. I no longer answer my phone.


Posted by Jerry on in 916


July 10

This is Service Magic, the referral network for businesses.


Posted by Clinton on in 916


November 1

DirecTV automated survey in response to a technician's visit earlier in the day.


Posted by Johnathon on in 916


May 28

HSBC is a TERRIBLE Corporation; BRITISH. They were a prime player in the sub-prime mortgage meltdown SCAM. This was as much deliberate and evil as these phone scammers. Good luck catching them. The Justice Department (Feds) recently settled with them over the mortgage SCAM for simply $1.9 million in FINES; a mere fraction of the BILLIONS they STOLE in that scam, and NOBODY even went to prison. This is so-called justice. Meanwhile, millions are homeless, thanks to them.This number is obviously SPOOFED, and is likely tied to just one or two major call centers in INDIA or PAKISTAN that have been FED Americans PERSONAL information including NAMES, ADDRESSES, PHONE NUMBERS, SS#s, DOBs and more. Its amazing any of us have ANYTHING left in our bank accounts as these thieves are trying DAILY to steal every last nickel and dime we have.Suspect these calls are related to similar calls/scams from the following numbers:904-280-3051661-748-0240210-526-6628312-614-1419404-610-3761 and, of course, the classicOUT-OF-AREA with no number displayed, similar to the all zeros.And these are just a FEW of the numbers who have called in the last few WEEKS.All of these numbers (and many more) have been running all kinds of SCAMS, including: - Free cruises/vacations (for just a small tax/fee, of course, on your CREDIT CARD) ((PHISHING) - Debt Consolidation (IDENTITY THEFT) - Interest Reduction (CREDIT CARD PHISHING) - Phony Charities - Veterans, Cancer (Breast, Childrens,& others) Animals, Women, Children, etc. (CREDIT CARD PHISHING) - Medic Alert bracelets/Medical Claims (IDENTITY THEFT/ INSURANCE COVERAGE THEFT) - Job Openings (IDENTITY THEFT; info for future scamming) - Home Security Systems (CREDIT CARD PHISHING) - Health Care Policies (PHONY. IDENTITY THEFT and CREDIT CARD PHISHING) - Debt Collection (CREDIT and DEBIT CARD PHISHING) - Fixing your computer/removing a virus (INFORMATION THEFT/IDENTITY THEFT/FINANCIAL THEFT)and Im sure there is MORE.The bottom line is DO NOT ANSWER NUMBERS YOU DO NOT RECOGNIZE NOR ENGAGE WITH UNKNOWN or ABUSIVE or THREATENING CALLERS. Let ALL these calls go to answering machine or voicemail, OR, if you are confident they are spam, pick up/hang up to break the call and confuse the robodialers. Purchase or download a CALL BLOCKING system if you can, and BLOCK as many numbers as possible. Do NOT give out your private cell numbers to companies or anyone without a real, valid, important need to know.Most of our spam calls occur on our longtime, published and often given out landline. Our THREE PRIVATE, unpublished cells RARELY get spam *AND* our unpublished business line almost never gets spam. I *REFUSE* to give VERIZON, our landline carrier, a cell number as an alternate in case we cannot reach you on your home phone. I KNOW THEY SELL OUR PHONE NUMBERS and OTHER INFORMATION.Case in point: I had the number/frequency of these calls tamped down to 2-3 weekly; sometimes less than 6 monthly. THEN we went on vacation using CHOICE HOTELS, INC. Had to give our Name, Address and HOME PHONE NUMBER each time we checked in - which was about 10 different times on this trip. BEFORE WE EVEN GOT BACK HOME, the SPAM CALLS had started up again and were soon up to 6 DAILY. I have spent the last FIVE WEEKS doing the hang up method to these calls, and blocking numbers (all of the above) earnestly.Hopes this helps, people. STAY SAFE. The FEWER of us who FALL for these SCAMS, the less they will attempt them.


Posted by Fredrick on in 916


March 9

Recieved a call with no voicemail


Posted by Kirk on in 916


June 20

We must be long lost brothers separated at birth. On target comment. Have a good holiday and happier New Year.


Posted by Rudolf on in 916


August 17

Called my cell. Left no voicemail. Can't call back.


Posted by Craig on in 916


November 22

does not work being on gov do not call list. Wonder if gov sells numbers


Posted by Kelly on in 916


April 20,

got a call on my cell, but blocked it, as i feared it might be a number that charges money when one calls it back. I suspect it to be somekind of Insurance company that wants me to go in on their services, but Im not sure of it, as I havent entirely listened to it, but the voice seemed kind of voice-mail like, computer-made.


Posted by Noe on in 916


April 8

I have T-Mobil and for the past several months I have been getting calls from;+233275209027. I tried to google it and came up with some place in Afirca. Havent called it back, dont want what expense it might cost me. Only time the calls come in is night.


Posted by Edwin on in 916


October 14,

No call, no show. Don't waste your time!!


Posted by Geraldo on in 916


April 13

Thats not exactly so... All my familys phones (land lines and cell phones) are registered with the state and national no-call registries... My husband is still getting calls from these people...


Posted by Maxwell on in 916



Feels like a scam call to me. Is this in fact toll free! Or is one assessed a charge for calling?


Posted by Kendall on in 916



Guy phones at 20:46 from Vancouver, I live in Kamloops. Says he is calling on behalf of the BC Ministry of the Environment. Can I speak to someone who is familiar with your heating system?I ask, Do you work for the Ministry of the Environment? Answer No. So who do you work for? Answer, You dont need to know that! Yes, I do I shoot back. And, why is that? he asks. For the complaint letter that I am going to write! And the phone goes dead. FYI ... Mustel Research 1-604-676-4107 was on my call display.


Posted by Johnnie on in 916

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