March 7

telemarketer asked to speak to homeowner. I played middleman for a shouted conversation with "Bill the homeowner", in which I shouted what the telemarketer said, neglecting to move the handset when I yelled. Every now and then I shouted "Bill's" questions to add to the fun. Telemarketer put up with this for about 3 minutes before he thanked me and ended the call. The telemarketer's goal was to sell heating/airconditioning equipment using government rebates as the hook.


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February 21

Consider getting a call blocking device or phone.. You can google them and many are around $50.00 or so. If its a cell phone, some already have call blocking, if not, there are free apps on the web that will work for some. You can google this. If you have a smart phone, there is a free app called call control. Iphones appear to have apps also. Another one is called Mr. Number.Report your callers here, not just to the DNC alone:By State DNC lists:FCC Abandoned Calls Complaint form:email: fccinfo@fcc.govTo file complaints on Foreign Report Your ComplaintE-mail:


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May 1

Just got a call a few seconds ago. Other than blocking on my cell, how can these people be stopped?


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February 22

Received two calls on two successive days. Caller ID said Out of Area. I did not answer either call since I did not recognize the number. If it rings again Ill figure it to be another telemarketing harassing call then add it to my call blocker..


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September 4

called me 7 times in the last 5 days annoying then you do what it says and it hangs up press 1 to speak to someone! ugh


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October 20

Magic jack caller. Someone using magic jack to call you.


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April 20

They didn't leave a message, but they've called me numerous times.


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April 12,

got a call from this #, rejected it


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March 17

something about a gad card


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September 2

Many calls but no messages left.


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March 2

Will not allow call back only calls late night


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December 24

When I make call on my Ipad to a phone number it shows up on my phone bills as o. It does not show the number you are calling.


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June 10

Continue to receive bogus calls from this entity, claiming I owe them money and face serious felony charges. ALL THESE ALLEGATIONS ARE FALSE......


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May 24

Received several calls from this number. I blocked the number, but they keep trying. Caller ID reads L7 SCVC CALL


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July 22

I got this call today from 201 204-0024..looks like they chnaged to last 2 numbers. Same thing, you could not understand the person thenthe call dropped. I called back but the number was busy.


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December 5

Called them back, was told that I filled out a survey about wanting to go back to school, and they were calling me to see if I was still wanting to go back to school and to give me more info. Did not get the company name. Why are they calling every hour!!!! For that!! Put on my blocked list.


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July 25

Whoever calls from this number just hangs up.


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July 7

Did not leave a voice message.


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I was going to call this number back to see who it was, but then I read that it is a scam where you pay ten Euros per minute, so I will get the number blocked.


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March 3,

And I won a free cruise to the Bahamas


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June 10

I just received the same call. Level 3 is based out of Coudersport PA. It is a phone/cable company.


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April 28

they use 1107, 1109 and now 1108. block them all. whats next?


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June 18

i havent talked to them but ive gotten atleast 4 calls alone today


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May 16

where do this person live address


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February 2

Carol - we too get many calls from alleged Microsoft. They hang up the second I say, I did not call you. You called me. I never do business over the phone with anyone I do not call...If theres a problem with my computer, I take it to my computer professional.


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calls from 844-552-4553 everyday for a week - just static - no one on the other end - caller I.D. doesnt identify caller,


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October 17,

They claimed to be Del Tech Support to me theyve contacted me 3 times. First call I told him I had to think about the money that was going to cost to fix my computer. Second call was a follow up on that but I told him straight up I called tech support back and they checked my computer and called it clean for free. Third call was about this massive super hack thats gone through. One thing you need to remember: Tech Support NEVER calls you. You call them.


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January 1

Have not answered, but this was helpful....we had a washing machine repaired this past week by Sears. They did a great job, but wish they would leave a msg.


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January 21,

Just stick a few F in to them they soon hang up


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April 22,

I had that same stuff happen to me! they asked me for a picture of me and i said no and they started getting pissed


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September 2

A woman called and asked for me by name, i responded and she said she was with the blue ridge company and wante dto send me info on how to use tax dollars at the end of the year to invest in oil and gas stocks. I told her to send the information but i was not going to pay for anything right now, then she asked how many employees i had and i told her that was none of her concern and she hung up on me. When i called the number back i got a voice mail for Harry Peters, warning- this smells like a scam to me.


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July 11

I just received this text message as well. I do not have a U.S.Bank account either. The text message was from the following: [email protected]


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Got a call (recording) from a Julie. Said the IRS was going to take action against us. Area code is from CA. Pure BS but what is the IRS (government) going to do about the scam?


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February 19

Text said I know you are busy, but a good friend thought you needed this


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Jay, thank you for the time you took to clarify the purpose of the DNC and its limitations. While the DNC does help, it can do nothing to thwart the predators stalking us.Heres a sad fact I have seen time and time again (specifically the Las Vegas gaming industry). Whenever you build a better mousetrap, you start dealing with a smarter mouse. This issue will never be solved. Technology makes it impossible. The one with the offensive move (predator) will always have the advantage. The defender can never be less than one step behind, and therefore can never catch up.You want the best security and privacy safeguard? Disconnect your phones and internet (e-mail included) connections and go exclusively snail mail. Even thats not totally secure. I know its not what you want to hear, but its the truth.This is a never-ending game with no final winner.


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May 26

As typical with ANYTHING the government undertakes , signing up does NOT stop any calls. These marketers dont care if you are on the list or not


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September 2

Do you not understand that they are also giving out bogus numbers when you look at your caller ID?.. They cant do anything about a non-existent number, period. So reporting that number would be pointless. They would then have a report about a number that isnt a real number so who are they going to tie that number to? With computer technology it has become just as simple to show a false number over caller-ID as it is to show a false e-mail address over the internet. People have been able to do that for a very long time. I was just called this morning from a 021620, which is not even a valid number unless it was international. Even then Im not sure thats an actual number. I cant find it anywhere online; not even a record of anyone else being called by it. When I look at my phone records it doesnt even show that it called. I answered but they/the machine must have broke the connection right before I did so because I looked back down at the phone and wasnt connected after saying hello a couple times. Otherwise I can only guess it was a computer error on Tmobiles end.


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June 11

Barrier Island Station Resort. Telemarketer


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April 14

I got this same call on Thursday 1/20/11. This is PRIMERICA! They called me for an interview, and of course I googled and checked LinkedIn, couldn't find a thing. I show up and it's Primerica, not R and O Financial. On the phone, Robert Goffee told me that he was opening 2 offices and needed people, was doing group interviews. Sounded like he was calling from a cell phone. I was skeptical from the get go, and I'm glad I was.


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May 9

It is located on our phone bill as a number we are being billed as


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November 27

Same. Im from Estonia & Its happened twice, the first time I answered and did not understand a word. Im pretty sure it was also french.


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September 2

I just got a call and they were asking for my Ex husband LOL. I said call him in 20 min.


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July 20,

Said needed to give debit card number to pay bill from 9 yrs ago or judgement was being placed funny i filed bankrubcy and have no bills , i smell scam


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July 20

arent political surveys exempt from the do not call list?


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January 14

I am receiving 1 every day or 2. There are long pauses and do not acknowledge my part of the conversation.


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December 18

This number is from the Disabled American Veterans (these people obviously thrive on alienating potential donors by calling over and over with no option to be removed from their calling lists.) This number actually called right after another Disabled American Veterans number 303-232-2305 called not more than a minute before. Whenever I get a call from these people I just pick up the handset and hang up immediately.


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May 6

They dt say anythingz, bt they call all day.


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June 2

Calls me nightly at 8:45pm and hangs up. The number is lsted to "Buggie."When I call the number back they say they have no idea who I


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May 2



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August 19

I also have gotten multiple calls from this number, never was there anything on the other end but a bunch of clicks, until today. Today, I got this is Annette and I have been trying to call you for days, of course this is an automated voice, they give me a number to call back along with a reference number. Am not attempting to call them back since they call at least two to three times a day with nothing but clicks, apparently not trying to hard to contact me.


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